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Josh PriggeJosh Prigge is the Sustainability Manager at Fetzer Vineyards, where he led the efforts to become the first certified Zero Waste wine company in the world. Josh leads all of the development, tracking, and implementation of sustainability projects, as well as investigates and recommends initiatives and innovations to further Fetzer Vineyard’s position as the global sustainability leader. Before arriving at Fetzer Vineyards in 2014, Josh spent five years in Hawaii working as the Sustainability Coordinator for Hawaii Pacific University and serving as the president of the Sustainability Association of Hawaii. Josh holds a Master of Business Administration degree, a Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development, and multiple sustainability certifications and trainings including LEED Green Associate accreditation, Building Operator Certification: Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings, and Global Reporting Initiative certified training.

Fetzer Vineyards is an authentic pioneer of sustainability in the wine industry.  The company began using organic and sustainable methods in the 1980’s, long before the term “sustainable” became commonly used. Fetzer Vineyards is proud to have blazed the trail for sustainability in the wine industry by becoming the first winery in California to operate on 100% Green energy (1999), the first winery to report greenhouse gas emissions with the Climate Registry (2005), the largest U.S. producer of organic wine-grapes certified by CCOF, and most recently, the first winery to receive Zero Waste certification through the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council. Fetzer Vineyard’s Sustainability Manager will be discussing the company’s commitment to zero waste which began in 1990, the innovative waste reduction practices at Fetzer Vineyards, and how a comprehensive zero waste program has engaged and motivated employees while leading to over $500,000 in annual revenue and cost savings.