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As part of our dedication to education, USZWBC offers an archive of our past events. The presentation files are available as a resource for businesses, communities, and individuals interested in zero waste. Further resources are available to USZWBC members in our online resources library. Join to receive access to these resources, plus many more benefits!

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2016 Conference
Tour Information

2015 Conference
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2014 Conference
Greening the Conference

2013 Conference

2012 Conference
    Thank You Video


3/3/2016 Reach Higher Zero Waste Workshop

Austin Workshop Series
    6/18/2015 Zero Waste 101
    6/19/2015 Zero Food Waste Forum

1/15/2014 Future of Commercial Food Scraps in Southern California, Part I

1/16/2014 Future of Commercial Food Scraps in Southern California, Part II

8/14/2014 Moving Forward on Commercial Food Scraps Diversion


ZWCUTC General Committee Meeting

12/7/16 General Meeting 


Webinar recordings are available to UZWBC members only. Members need to log with the authorized user account to access the below.


12/8/16 Recycling: The Business Case

11/17/16 On-site Food Scraps Processing Options

9/15/16 Purchasing for Zero Waste

8/11/16 Effective Business Waste Reduction Practices

5/12/16 Circular Economy

4/14/16 Creating the Business Case for Zero Waste

3/10/2016 Right Sizing Your Hauling Services

2/11/2016 Waste and Recycling Analysis

1/14/2016 Overcoming Challenges and Barriers

12/10/2015 Commodities

11/19/2015 Designing for Zero Waste

10/20/2015 How to Maximize your ZWBA Certification

10/08/2015 Food Scrap Solutions

9/10/2015 Food Scraps Reduction and Donation

8/13/2015 Zero Waste Metrics

7/9/2015 Training Staff for Zero Waste

3/19/2015 Making Zero Waste Happen: Tools for Communicating to Staff and Stakeholders

2/5/2015 Beyond Recycling: Implementing Reduce and Reuse

9/26/2013 USZWBC Zero Waste Business Certification Overview

6/25/2013 Metrics: Measuring Zero Waste