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Zero Waste Resources

Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA): an international organization working towards a world without waste through public education and practical application of Zero Waste principles. They have developed the only peer-reviewed, internationally accepted definition of Zero Waste, which is a guiding principle of USZWBC.

There are a number of federal laws encouraging food donation. These laws provide the donor protection from litigation (specifically the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act), tax deductions, and more. Please visit the USDA website for a full breakdown of resources.

Building Materials Reuse Association: non-profit educational and research organization whose mission is to advance the recovery, reuse and recycling of building materials.

California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has some excellent case studies on Business Recycling Policies on their Innovations page. They also have examples of successful recycling and waste reduction programs developed by local and regional jurisdictions.

Earth911: directory of local resources including recycling centers, along with articles on how to recycle, pollution prevention and how help protect the environment.

Earth Resource Foundation conducted many Zero Waste business conferences in the years leading up to the formation of USZWBC. Presentations from these conferences can be found on the Zero in on Zero Waste: Don’t Let Your Bottom Line go to Waste webpage.

Eco-Cycle: a long-established non-profit recycling organization that has a variety of Zero Waste resources for schools, business, and communities.

Elemental Impact: a national non-profit organization working with industry leaders to create best operating practices where the entire value-chain benefits, including corporate bottom lines and the environment. Be sure to subscribe to their Zero Waste in ACTION blog, which includes articles on industry best practices and several about USZWBC (who is a Strategic Ally of Ei).

The Ellen McArthur Foundation‘s mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. They provide a great diagram that illustrates the continuous flow of technical and biological materials. Biocycle magazine’s directory of composting facilities throughout North America

Food Donation Connection: links food service donors with surplus food to local hunger relief agencies.

GRRN (GrassRoots Recycling Network): a national network of waste reduction activists and recycling professionals, who developed the Zero Waste Business Principles adopted by ZWIA and used as the basis of the USZWBC Facility Certification program.

National Municipal Solid Waste in the United States.

The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I)’s Sustainable Supply Chain Information Hub was created for interested viewers to gain information about supply chain sustainability, the benefits, and how to find assistance to implement sustainable practices. In addition to overviews of supply chain sustainability and environmental management, the site also offers a Baseline Assessment Tool and listings to further resources for focus industries such as food, electronics, and paper.

Recycling at Work is a voluntary national effort organized by Keep America Beautiful and their sponsors as an effort to expand workplace recycling programs. It includes many educational resources to engage employees.

Reuse Alliance: national nonprofit working to increase awareness of, and access to, reuse — by educating the public about its social, environmental and economic benefits and by providing capacity-building services that strengthen the reuse community

Reuse Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of reuse – a central tenet of sustainability – through educational events, training services and research projects.

Sustainable Brands has a library with videos, webinars, slideshows, research reports, and white papers on everything from branding to metrics to sustainable supply chains.

Upstream (formerly Product Policy Institute) conducts research, develops model policies and educational materials, and organizes key stakeholders to build a green and just economy and to advocate for product stewardship initiatives.

Urban Ore: an innovative salvage and reuse operation with decades of Zero Waste experience and research, including the “12 Master Categories of Discarded Resources.”

U.S. Composting Council: non-profit that conducts research, training, public education, sets compost standards, works to expand compost markets and the enlistment of public support.

U.S. EPA – Managing and Transforming Waste Streams: A tool that explore 100 policies and programs that local governments can implement to shift their community’s waste stream away from landfills and towards waste reduction and increased materials reuse, recycling, and composting.

The U.S. Green Building Council is the nations foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.

Waste Not OC is a great example of businesses working with local government health departments and nonprofits to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger with donations. Their website has Donation Guides and a toolkit of resources for the aforementioned entities.

West Coast Climate & Materials Management Forum: EPA convened partnership of states and local governments that develop and share ways to integrate lifecycle materials management policies and practices into climate, sustainability, and solid waste plans.


Internet Groups/Listserves

Join the Zero Waste business community on the USZWBC LinkedIn Group, on Facebook, and on Twitter!!!

ZW Business Yahoo Group

The Zero Waste Connection


Zero Waste Solutions book by Dr. Paul Connett, 2013 (look for USZWBC in the chapter on Zero Waste businesses!)

Biocycle Magazine

The Practical Handbook of Compost Engineering by Roger Haug, 1993

The Science of Composting by Eliot Epstein, 1996

Media Stories

Companies try to recycle all waste, send nothing to landfill by Wendy Koch, USA TODAY

The Urban Quest for ‘Zero’ Waste by David Ferry, Wall Street Journal

10 Fixes For the Planet by Anne Underwood, Newsweek

A World Without Waste by Jessica Winter, Globe Newspaper Company

So you think you’re recycling at work? by Amanda Paulson, Christian Science Monitor

The End of Garbage by Marc Gunther, Fortune 500

Can We Make Garbage Disappear? by Ivan Amato, TIME