Making the Business Case for Zero Waste

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5th Annual National Zero Waste Business Conference
   Making the Business Case for Zero Waste
Friday, June 3rd, 2016
3:00 pm to 4:15 pm




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Nikki Rodoni is a recognized leader in the produce industry known for building successful sustainability programs and implementing innovative solutions. Currently, Nikki is the Founder and CEO of Measure to Improve, LLC (MTI).

Measure to Improve is a sustainability consulting firm whose mission is to help agricultural producers and processors measure, improve and credibly promote their sustainability efforts. MTI believes the driving force behind sustainability starts with a good business case and sets out to discover the economic savings that also translate into environmental benefits. They show companies how to stay ahead of mandates and appeal to the growing segment of environmentally conscious buyers.

One of MTI’s core competencies and passions is to implement comprehensive Zero Waste programs both on farm and within processing facilities. MTI is a member of the US Zero Waste Business Council and Nikki is currently in the process of becoming zero waste certified.

Nikki’s professional career has always been about building synergy between the three crucial aspects of a successful agriculture business: People, Planet, and Profit.


Bruce Buchan PhotoBruce Buchan, a lifetime environmental entrepreneur and the CEO of CleanRiver® Recycling Solutions, he has been instrumental in the development, promotion and support of recycling programs, legislation and policies. Over the last 25 years, Bruce has personally worked with hundreds of companies, colleges, government agencies and other facilities to improve their recycling programs. Bruce’s industry expertise is highly valued and sought after for speaking engagements, including the 2010 Earth Day Celebrations at the Pentagon. In his role as recycling ambassador, Bruce partners with organizations to improve waste stream management to achieve the ultimate goal of zero waste.





Daniel KietzerDaniel Kietzer has spent the last six years with the US Business Council for Sustainable Development. He helps manage and launch current and emerging Materials Marketplace projects in Austin, Detroit, Memphis, San Diego, and the newly launched US Materials Marketplace. Daniel also serves on the Communications Committee of the Houston Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project. His role supports the development of ambitious and practical strategies for reducing building energy consumption by 30% or more in the Houston market.

Other professional interests include: social entrepreneurship, with special emphasis on new business opportunities that utilize by-product and waste materials; engaging meeting design and facilitation; team building; and communications and marketing.



Cheri_ChastainCheri Chastain is the Sustainability Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.  Cheri has been with the company for 8+ years and is responsible for educating employees on environmental issues and programs, maintaining current policies and projects, and working on new project development.  Among many tasks, Cheri is responsible for Sierra Nevada’s renewable energy management; managing zero waste efforts; researching and implementing alternative fuel options; and working toward water conservation and reuse.  Cheri is currently a member of the City ofChico’s Sustainability Task Force, the Brewer’s Association Sustainability Subcommittee Chair, and a board member of the US Zero Waste Business Council.  Cheri has a BA and an MA in Environmental Geography.