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Les FreyLes Frey, Horticulturalist and Student Program Manager with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, began his career in the biotechnology lab in 1992 at The Land Pavilion in Epcot performing plant tissue culture research.  Before joining Disney, he earned a Master’s degree from Purdue University and a Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University, both in horticulture.

In 1998, he began to manage the professional internship program at The Land with interns working in hydroponic greenhouses, aquaculture facilities, and the biotechnology lab.  He currently oversees the two-acre greenhouse growing facility and biotechnology lab while supporting the internship program.

In the fall of 2007, a group of interns with a passion for the environment asked Les a simple question: Why aren’t we recycling more?  This sparked the beginning of a Quest for Zero, and the team worked together to lay the groundwork for the Agricultural Sciences department to further reduce waste.

Over time, Les discovered more ways to divert waste and implemented those practices with his team which led to the department’s Platinum level Zero-Waste certification in 2015.