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Define yourself as a Zero Waste Business Associate

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U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC) developed the Zero Waste Business Associate (ZWBA) certification system to train professionals to help businesses get to Zero Waste, and to help get their facilities certified as Zero Waste according to the GBCI Scorecard Certification System.

Certificate holders will gain a practical understanding of the most current Zero Waste business principles and practices, GBCI policies and processes, and demonstrate a clear commitment to professional growth in advancing Zero Waste.

GBCI Zero Waste Business Associates earn their credential by submitting an application, attending the 6-hour ZWBA Scorecard Training Course, paying applicable fees, and passing a computer-based assessment comprised of randomly delivered multiple-choice questions. Once certified, the role of a ZWBA is to implement Zero Waste programs, prepare businesses for the GBCI Zero Waste Facility Certification, and assist businesses through the certification process. Certified ZWBAs do not conduct certification audits, trainings, or any other business on behalf of GBCI.

Earning the GBCI Zero Waste Business Associate (ZWBA) Certificate

Applying to Become a GBCI Zero Waste Business Associate 
The first step in becoming a GBCI Zero Waste Business Associate is to apply for certification. The application includes a downloadable copy of the “Zero Waste Implementers Manual” (please note applicants paying by check will not receive the Manual until payment is received). An application fee of $100 for members and $125 for non-members will apply to cover administrative costs and the manual.This manual was developed by USZWBC and covers all the information required to understand the process for receiving a GBCI Zero Waste Facility Certification, including the Scorecard Certification System and Application. Applicants will be tested on the contents of the Zero Waste Implementers Manual and all class materials.

ZWBA Scorecard Training Course

Applicants MUST complete the 6-hour GBCI ZWBA Scorecard Training Course. Courses are intended for those pursuing ZWBA certification, but are open to anyone interested in learning about Zero Waste in business and the GBCI Scorecard Certification System.

6- Hour Course and Assessment: Includes electronic versions of the workbook, handbook, and other course materials $350 Member
$450 Non-member

Taking the Assessment

The GBCI Zero Waste Business Associate assessment measures your understanding of current Zero Waste business principles and practices, through your understanding of the Zero Waste Implementers Manual and GBCI Scorecard Certification System.

Assessment Format

  • 90 minute computer-based online test
  • 75 randomly delivered multiple choice questions
  • A passing score of 80% or better is required to pass

Assessment Fees

The fee includes one attempt at an online assessment. Additional attempts, missed test dates or rescheduled tests are subject to additional fees. Test registrants paying by check will receive the test when payment is received. It is recommended to choose an assessment period 30-60 days in advance to allow time for processing and mailing the check. This will ensure you receive the test in time for your chosen assessment period.

Applicants can take the 90-minute assessment anytime within 30 days of registration. It is very important that applicants attempt the assessment during the registered assessment period, otherwise forfeit the fee for the assessment. There is a fee to reschedule an assessment period.Schedule

After the Test
At the end of the test, you will receive your score only on the screen and via email. A score of 80% or better is required to pass. Those who pass the test will receive their Zero Waste Business Associate Certificate in the mail within 3-4 weeks. Those who fail the test must register for another test period and pay the testing fee a second time (see above “Assessment Fees” section for more information). The test issued for the second attempt will have different questions than the first test.

If you wish to earn your ZWBA certificate, please contact us at

* Please note applicants paying by check will not receive the Manual or test link until payment is received.

Attention California Businesses: Your business may qualify for reimbursement of employee training costs through the ETP or Employment Training Panel Program. Trainings, workshops and conferences offered by the Green Business Certification Inc. may be eligible for these reimbursements. To find out more information and to obtain an application, visit the ETP website.

Maintain your Zero Waste Business Associate Credential

A minimum of 20-hours every two years will be required to maintain a “current” status:

  • 70% (or 14 hours) of the 20 hours must be completed by taking GBCI offered or approved classes/trainings. This includes but is not limited to: webinars, workshops, annual conferences, meetings, and other training opportunities.
  • The other 30% (or 6 hours) are at the ZWBA’s discretion for other similar, industry related events or trainings.
    These events or courses do not have to offer CEU’s/be accredited. Please complete and submit the following form to to approve an outside organization’s training hours: ZWBA Outside Recertification Hours Form (1.12 MB).

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To learn more about ZWBA, please view the recording of our webinar.

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