How to Get Certified

The Zero Waste Facility Certification program rates how well businesses perform in minimizing their discarding of non-hazardous solid wastes and maximizing their efficiency in the use of resources. The Zero Waste Facility Certification process involves an application, submitting a scorecard with attempted credits, a site visit, and assessment. In order to be certified, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Save on your Zero Waste Facility Certification by becoming a Member!
Step 2: Become familiar with available credits with this summarized version of the full Scorecard: Summary Certification Checklist (108.01 kB).
Step 3: Complete and send an Application for Quote (139.69 kB) to
Step 4: Receive quote and pay Certification fee
Step 5: Receive, complete, and submit the Zero Waste Facility Certification Scorecard with supporting documentation
Step 6: GBCI reviews Scorecard and documentation
Step 7: Set up a site visit to go over all documentation, talk with key personnel, and walk the facility
Step 8: BE AN OFFICIAL GBCI CERTIFIED ZERO WASTE FACILITY! Receive recognition and a plaque for your facility!